Stacked Bob Haircut?


The stacked Bob is one of the hippest Hairstyles out there. This incredibly versatile bob looks amazing on all hair types. From straight, to curly or on an in between wave, almost anyone can wear a stacked bob hairstyle.
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1. Wrap the cutting cape tightly around the neck and fasten in place. Wet the hair thoroughly with the spray bottle and comb through to remove tangles. Reapply water to any sections
1. Begin by reviewing the previous article, How to Cut the Back of a Bob Haircut. A link is posted in the related articles section below. Ad. 2. Now, connect the back and side sections
Because "to bob" means to move up and down, and when hair is cut short in a bobbed style, it does just that whenever you move.
i love it. my friend got her hair cut exactly like it a few weeks ago and she's in love with it. it's the best cut she's ever had. i definately think you should get it. but be careful
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A stacked bob is when hair is cut to look like the ends of each layer of hair are layered upon each other. This style is easy to maintain. This style can be worn by every one of different ages and face shapes.
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Stacked hair is the extreme version of a bob haircut. The hair is very short in the back and much longer in the front. The hair has very short layers in the back ...
Angled bob haircut is perfect for those who have thick hair. The cut is up to the jaw and tapered to cup at the nape of the neck. Its side can be slightly blunt ...
A bob cut is a short haircut for men and women in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-length, often with a fringe at the front. ...
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