What Is a Stakeholder Map?


Stakeholder map refers to a strategic business tool which identifies and assesses the effect of a different individual or a group of stakeholders on a company. It examines the power stakeholders can exert, the relative likelihood of them using that power and their level of interest regarding the company's activities.
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1. Divide your main stakeholders into the basic categories of influential or not and interested or not, and to what degree. 2. Draw a two-dimensional graph with the left side being
Stakeholder mapping is the analysis of stakeholders in a particular field, focus area, sector or industry in terms of the existing stakeholders, patterns and relationships amongst
The mapping of stakeholders serves as a device which can often be employed to allow us to better understand, better control, and better communicate with our stakeholders. The tool
Mapping stakeholders is a group activity. Bring together a group of half a dozen relevant people from within your enterprise to work through the following steps:
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What Is a Stakeholder Map?
Companies of all kinds have various groups of stakeholders, which must be kept happy. Understanding who all of your stakeholders are, their level of interest in your company and how much effort you need to put in to keep each type of stakeholder... More »
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Stakeholder maps are a method of showing the main stakeholders in a project, their position and interest. Stakeholder maps may also include individuals or groups outside the business.
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