What Is a Stalagmite?


A stalagmite is a tapering column that rises from the floor of a cave, made up of calcium salts deposited by dripping water and often ends up uniting with a stalactite. Stalactites form from the roof of a cave.
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A stalagmite is geological formation known as a speleothem or a cave formation. These are also referred to as drip formations on occasion. They are usually cone-shaped in nature,
A stagaltite is a round or tapering mineral spire that rises from the floor of a cave. Composed largely of calcium compounds, this solid geologic structure takes a long, long time
Stalactites hold on "tight" to ttops of caves.Water drips from stalactites to the floor &
( stə¦lak·tō stə′lag′mīt ) (geology) A columnar deposit formed by the union of a stalactite with its complementary stalagmite. Also known
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[stuh-lag-mahyt, stal-uhg-mahyt]
a deposit, usually of calcium carbonate, more or less resembling an inverted stalactite, formed on the floor of a cave or the like by the dripping of percolating calcareous water.
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A stalagmite is a type of speleothem in the shape of an upward-growing, massive calcite mound. A stalagmite occurs from the deposit of mineralised solutions and the deposition of calcium on the floor of a limestone cave.
Stalagmites are mineral deposits of calcium carbonate, in shapes similar to icicles, that lie on the ground of a cave. They are types of speleothems that rise from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dripping of mineralized solutions and deposition of calcium carbonate.
The word stalagmite is used to describe the cave formation that grows from the cave floor going upwards. This is formed by the deposition of minerals from solutions which make their way through the ground.
A stalagmite is a formation that rises from the floor of limestone caves. They are formed from the drippings of calcium carbonate deposits and mineralized solutions from the caves ceilings.
A Stalagmite is a mineral deposit that is shaped like a cone. These are found on the floor of a cavern and form from dripping mineral-rich water. You can find more information here: http://www.goodearthgraphics.com/virtcave/stalmite/stalmite.html
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