What is a statutory care service?


A statutory care service is a service that must be provided by public authorities to promote the health and welfare of the population. Most health care and social welfare services are statutory, which means that there are law that require local authorities to provide the services in question.

Local authorities or municipalities are responsible for the provision of statutory health and welfare services. However, the extent, content or method of providing the services vary among different local authorities based on the available laws and the unique needs of the population. In Finland, the Social Welfare Act states that Individuals who are unable to provide for themselves the security needed for everyday life are entitled the necessary care and basic income.

Statutory care services can either be related to social welfare and health care. Some of the most common social welfare services include housing services, family counseling and child counseling, substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation, children’s day care services, special care for people with mental disabilities and rehabilitative work and assistance for the physically disabled.

Statutory health care services include health care advice, school health care, mental health care, occupational health care and specialized medical care services that involve the prevention, examination, treatment and rehabilitation of individual with certain medical condition within specialized fields of medicine.

Statutory care services can either be funded via grants from the central government but local authorities can also finance their operations out of tax revenues, client fees. Some statutory care facilities are supported by donors and volunteers.

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