What Is a Stenographer?


A stenographer is someone who professionally transcribes verbal communication using specific types of shorthand either as it occurs or from a recording. He is commonly found in courts as a court reporter. The records produced by a stenographer are accurate and can be used in a court of law as evidence of communication.
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A stenographer is a person who has been trained and certified to type or transcribe recorded or spoken words into text/written form. The machine that is often used to transcribe is
The lines on a Gregg ruled stenographer's notebook are typically 3/8" to 11/32" apart and have a faint margin rule running down the middle of the page, separating it into
A stenographer (n. is someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)
this is a smaller notebook that has two red lines down the middle of the pages. Like for spelling or lists
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What Is a Stenographer?
A stenographer uses a form of shorthand to create written and legible documents. A special machine is used for this process. It contains a keyboard that uses syllables instead of letters. This allows the stenographer to work faster. Stenographers provide... More »
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Stenographer means someone who is skilled in the transcription of speech especially dictation.
A stenographer is the person in a courtroom who types down what everybody is saying. It's for the record books. You may have seen them in movies.
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Shorthand typing is a system that uses short symbols with which typists write more quickly. It is most frequently used by stenographers and transcriptionists to ...
For live television, closed captions are provided by a skilled stenographer who's listening to the broadcast and typing the captions into a computer that adds ...
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