What Is a Stimulus?


A stimulus is anything that can trigger a physical or behavioural change. The plural of stimulus is stimuli. Examples of stimuli include irritants, sights, sounds, heat, cold, smells, or other sensations.
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The purpose of an economic stimulus is to combat the effects of an economic slowdown by promoting and supporting economic activity, creating jobs, spurring consumer spending and expanding
It is a signal that causes an animal to react in some way. Some stimulus comes from outside the animal's body, while other stimulus, like thirst, come from inside the animal's body.
Stimulus:1:any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse
( ′sīn ′stim·yə·ləs ) (psychology) A specific external stimulus that initiates certain behavioral sequences that typically occur in a fixed
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something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.: The approval of others is a potent stimulus.
Physiology, Medicine/Medical something that excites an organism or part to functional activity.
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Stimulus is anything that acts as a signal to trigger a physical or behavioural change or evoke a functional reaction in a body organ or tissue. The reaction of the body to a stimulus is called a response to that stimulus. Examples of stimuli (the plural of stimulus) are heat, smell, cold, irritants and other sensations.
Stimulus is a thing or event that rouses a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue. It can also be defined as anything that can affect the environment; thus, affect an individual's behaviour.
A stimulus can be defined as something causing or regarded as causing a response, such as an agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response. It is could also refer to something that incites or rouses to action, such as an incentive.
A stimulus is anything that can evoke a response from a living thing. One stimulus is capable of serving many different functions.
A stimulus refers to an event that evokes a specific reaction in a tissue or an organ. The brain is the part that produces hormones that corresponds to the stimulus. Stimulus is also what is responsible for rousing activity in something or someone. It is also known as sensitivity.
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