What Is a Stimulus in Drama?


A stimulus in drama can be described as a detectable change in a drama play that is usually the main theme of the drama/play. Stimuli are often used to make the audience be interested in the play or notice the main protagonist or event in a play.
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For. drama we have to write. a. brief scenario based on. a. stimulus. The. stimulus. is. the following: ' Then.that come it may, As come it will. for. a. ' that; That sense and worth
Stimulus it is inducement that given for free for the qualified individuals. Stimulus term usually use by the government officials if they are give something free.
Drama dates from the sixth century in Athens, Greece. Though accounts are scarce, it is believed that a poet, Thespis, created a new musical form. He mimicked a character and had
It means the same thing it means anywere. A stimulus is that which makes something respond. In acting we now say that acting is responding to stimuli rather than acting is pretending
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