What Is a Stinker?


A stinker is a slang term for an item that causes stink. Stinkers are usually poop or fart and are called as such if they create an unbearable odor within a confined immediate area.
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a person or thing that stinks.
Informal. a mean or despicable person; louse.
Informal. something, especially some form of entertainment, of inferior quality.
Informal. something difficult: a real stinker of a crossword puzzle.
any device emitting an offensive odor, as a stink bomb or stinkpot.
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A stinker is one that stinks, or an irritating, disgusting, or contemptible person.
Pigs can't leave a sink that lasts 4 weeks, so skunk.
stinker: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; anything that gives off an offensive odor (especially a cheap cigar); an artifact...
(stĭng'kər) n. One that stinks. Slang. An irritating, disgusting, or contemptible person. Something very difficult: The interview was a real stinker. One that is of poor
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The plants that you can buy which smell extremely horrible aare stinkers. For example stinking hellebore which gives off the smell of rotting meat and hyoscyamus ...
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