What Is a Stipend Check?


A Stipend Check is a type of payment for specific services or interests. Stipend checks are typically used for students or scholars and usually doesn't cover all expenses. They are considered a part of financial aid or scholarship.
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an amount of money you are paid to do a certain job.it usually is paid only once but you can check. the stipend can be in many different forms (i.e. room and board instead of money
A stipend check covers books and other expenses for school. Source(s) I work in higher education.
My stipend checks are always around $1,200 and I have at least 3 classes a term I am paying for. I myself tend to get frustrated from time to time because as I adjust the amount of
Thank you for the question. California law does not give an employer any rights to receive jury stipends, and it would probably be a violation of Labor Code sectin 224 for it to
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