What Is a Stone in Weight Measurement?


A Stone is a unit of measurement used in weight measurement especially for personal body weight. This unit's usage has long since been abolished in most parts of the world except in the UK where its value is said to be 6.35kg for every one Stone.
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A stone is a division of weight in the British Imperial System and equates to 14 pounds or 6.3 kilograms.
Stone is a type of measurement that is about 6.35 kilograms. The British used this type of measurement up until 1985 and it would equal 14 pounds.
Most people still measure their weight in stone and pounds, and height in feet and
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Stone is a unit of measurement that is used to measure personal body weight. The value of a stone is approximately 6.35 kilograms. This unit of measurement was ...
211 pounds is equivalent to 15.0714286 stonesPound is an imperial weight unit. Stone is a weight measurement unit used generally in agriculture, trading or to ...
The British use the stone instead of the pound when measuring weight. In order to find out your weight in stone you would have to determine your weight in pounds ...
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