What is a strut?


A strut is a shock absorber mounted inside of a spring in a vehicle to absorb shocks for a smoother ride and to provide support to the vehicle's suspension. Struts are attached to the anti-sway bar to stabilize the vehicle.

Struts are mounted on both sides on the front of a vehicle near the tires. Some vehicles also have rear struts. The struts are attached on both ends of the anti-sway bar, which stretches across the vehicle for stability. Together, the struts and anti-sway bar form the vehicle suspension system, which dampens sudden movements and transfers movements of one side of the car across the vehicle for a smooth ride.

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The strut housing, a damping unit, a piston rod, a jounce (compression) bumper and a coil spring are all parts of the whole strut, according to monroe.com. The damping unit is located
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What Is a Strut?
Some rear-drive vehicles and most of the front-drive vehicles have struts, a major structural suspension part, according to the Monroe Shocks & Struts website. In conventional suspensions the strut replaces the upper ball joint and control arm.... More »
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