What Is a Subscript in Chemistry?


In chemistry, the terms subscript is given to the number that is written beneath each chemical element. It indicates the number of atoms of this element in the chemical compound.
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Subscripts in chemistry are used in writing formulas. In H2O, the 2 is the subscript. The subscript indicates the number of the preceding element. In H2O there are 2 hydrogens and
The coefficient in a chemical equation give the
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an example of a subscript is O. 2. or. H. 2. O the number under the letters.
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A subscript in chemistry is used to tell the reader how many of that element there are in a certain compound. For example, in H2O, there would be two hydrogens and only one oxygen.
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The subscripts in a chemical equation is the number on the lower right-hand side of a chemical element that tells a chemist how many atoms of that element are ...
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