What Is a Substitute for Currant Jelly?


Currant jelly is usually red or black in color but depending on where in the world you are, neither variety might be available. In that case, a perfectly good substitute for currant jelly is apple jelly with lemon juice or Concord grape jelly.
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Black and red currant jellies. There are several varieties of currants-red, white and black-and the small, translucent berries grow on shrubs in clusters. Red currants are tart and
Redcurrant is a shrub native to western Europe, and a member of the gooseberry family. It bears bright red semi-transparent berries. Redcurrant jelly is more of a jam made by adding
What are you making? Possibly another jelly or jam would be a good sub.
Substitutes for black currants jelly would be jelly
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What Is a Substitute for Currant Jelly?
Currant jelly can be made from either black currants or red currants, closely related berries native to Europe. Favored in French and British cuisines for the sweet-tart flavor, currant jelly can be hard to find in the United States, but several... More »
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