What Is a Subtenant?


A subtenant is one who is occupying a property leased to him by a tenant and not the landlord. To sublet a property, the tenant has to inform the landlord of the arrangement. If the tenant sublets a property without knowledge of the landlord, then the rights of the tenant do not apply to the subtenant.
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a person who rents land, a house, or the like, from a tenant.
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1. Write a Notice to Quit. This written notice includes a time frame to move out, the reason for eviction, and a way to remedy the problem if possible. Each state has its own requirements
(sŭb-tĕn'ənt) n. One that rents property, such as land or a house, from a tenant. subtenancy sub·ten'an·cy n.
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You owe him money, it is legal for him to try and get it. However, he would never get this in a court award.
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Subletting is basically the tradition of an existing tenant leasing all or fraction of a property to another. Instead of paying rent to a landlord the subtenant ...
Sublet is a verb and it is used in reference to the act of leasing property to a subtenant. As a noun, sublet is used to refer to a property that has been subleased ...
Subletting is essentially the practice of an existing tenant letting all or part of a property to another. Rather than paying rent to a landlord, the subtenant ...
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