What Is a Subtopic?


A subtopic is a phrase that is used to identify a certain section or part of an essay or article. An entire essay will have a main topic, but then the body of the essay can be further broken down into sections using subtopics.
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A subtopic is one of the divisions into which a main topic may be divided.
grammar is one of the subtopics.
So you say that education in the Philippines is your main topic then. A subtopic could be different aspects of the topic such as disciplinary education, how long they spend being
I've heard the terms used interchangeably. On the Quora organize topic page, subtopics seems to include things like child topics of child topics, so it's more comprehensive.
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[suhb-top-ik, suhb-top-]
a topic that is included within another topic.
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A subtopic is a subject that forms part of a topic. A topic (as in composition) that is a division of a the main topic. For example, animals would be the main topic and zebras would be the subtopic.
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