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A name suffix is a traditional form of naming that provides additional information about the person. Letters at the end of the actual name indicate that the individual holds a position like educational degree, accreditation or office or honour.
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1. Learn to keep or drop a final silent e. Some words that end with a silent e change when suffixes are added, so look at the first letter of the suffix. If it starts with a vowel
Suffix is a part added to the end a word such as softly or meaning. Its the words added at the end of a word.
From Saxon fengan (to begin), so new-fangled is newly started. Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Fangled. Embed Quote
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A suffix in a name is a naming tradition that is commonly found in western societies where a few letters are added to a person's full name, typically to provide additional information about the person. Some of the examples of suffixes include –Frisian in French, -son or ton, as in Johnson, in English.
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