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A summary is a brief statement that contains the fundamental points of something. In a summary, the main point is selected from a subject like a speech, film, text or an event. The purpose of a summary is to pass a message across in a short period of time.
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1. According to the Colorado State University writing guide, the executive summary should begin with a concise statement of the main idea. The main idea should be presented so that
Bella falls for vampire named Edward Vampire falls for girl. Not supposed to be together. Other vamps come and try to eat her Good vamps save her. Edward leaves. Bella becomes friends
1. Identify the novel's genre, principle themes and target audience. Speculate how these choices may have been influenced by the author's gender, ethnicity, social/political/economic
1. List down the storyboard's main details in text format. These details should be concise. Focus on describing the main details that happen in the story and any significant shot,
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a comprehensive and usually brief abstract, recapitulation, or compendium of previously stated facts or statements.
brief and comprehensive; concise.
direct and prompt; unceremoniously fast: to treat someone with summary dispatch.
(of legal proceedings, jurisdiction, etc.) conducted without, or exempt from, the various steps and delays of a formal trial.
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The word summary is defined as a brief statement that presents the main points in short form. Summary can also be defined as the written description of collections that may contain unassociated funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural inheritance.
A summary is a recap that contains the main points of something. Such a recap highlights the major points from the much wider subject. Often the purpose is to help the audience get the gist in a short period of time.
A summary is a word that is much what it's name suggests. It is a composition that summarizes a particulat thing such as a book or a movie.
A summary goes over the main points in a movie, essay, paragraph or show but does not include the extras. It's to the point and explains the plot or idea.
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