What Is a Sundry Item?


A sundry item is a small miscellaneous item, which does not have much value and cannot be mentioned separately. Examples of sundry items are dry goods like, underpants, vests, textiles and ready to wear clothes. They also include toiletries like, makeup, lipstick, cotton swabs, deodorants and condoms.
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Surprisingly, sundry items can be one of the best possible gifts. These are items that new moms and dads often forget to buy before the child arrives. Below are just a few ideas to
A sundry account is a corporate account typically used for recording miscellaneous items for which an appropriate account has not yet been established. Sundry accounts are usually
sundry:1:consisting of a haphazard assortment of different
(sŭn'drēz) pl.n. Articles too small or numerous to be specified; miscellaneous items. [From SUNDRY.]
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