What Is a Swelling?


A swelling refers to an abnormal enlargement of a body part normally as a result of an accumulation of a fluid around that part. It can also mean an abnormal protuberance or a localized enlargement.
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Swelling occurs whenever the organs, skin, or other parts of your body enlarge. It is typically the result of inflammation or a buildup of fluid. Swelling can occur internally (within the body) or it can affect your outer skin and muscles. A range of conditions can cause swelling. Insect bites, illnesses, or injuries often result in external. . . More »
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Swelling can be defined as the abnormal enlargement of a body part, usually as a sign of infection. Swelling is normally the result of fluid build ups in different parts of the body. Usually, a swelling is a sign of deeper medical problems.
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Swelling is an inflammation that may include redness or pain of any skin tissue. Swelling can occur from injury, infection or a symptom of disease, such as arthritis. For more information
1. Move around frequently and avoid standing in one spot or sitting for long periods of time. Take a break every hour to move around and exercise your legs. This allows some of the
swelling is more or less a bump that grows on a part of your body. swellings can be caused by about a million things, std's, bruises, or skin irratation to name a few.
Any trauma to the body -- a bruise, sprain or muscle pull, or bone fracture -- can cause swelling. When you injure a part of your body, the soft tissues surrounding the injured area
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