What is a swim bladder?


A swim bladder is a hydrostatic organ presence in a fish that helps in buoyancy. It also connects with the ear to enhance hearing abilities in water and controls their movement while using minimal amounts of energy.
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an air filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy.
The swim bladder (labeled as "5" in the image above) lies just under the kidneys and above a fish's stomach, liver and intestines. Some fish are able to self-regulate the
The bladder is located in the pelvic floor. It is a muscular sac that holds urine. It is above the Urethra and below the Ureter. The Kidneys are above the Ureter.
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swim bladder
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A swim bladder is an organ of the fish that helps it control and maintain buoyancy in water. This organ is filled with gas and helps the fish maintain a particular position without having to swim, thus saving energy.
A swim bladder is a gas-filled, internal organ apparent in fish which provides the fish with the ability to stay at a single depth underwater without having to use a lot of energy to stay level.
The swim bladder, also known as the gas bladder is an organ inside of fish to help them maintain buoyancy and not waste any energy when swimming.
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The main reason why a fish may swim sideways is due to swim-bladder disease. This is caused by factors such as external trauma, genetics, cancer and tuberculosis ...
A goldfish may stay at the bottom of the bowl because of a swim bladder disorder. The swim bladder is an organ inside the fish that fills with blood gasses when ...
A characteristic that enables an organism to survive is called an adaptation. For instance, a fish has a swim bladder as an adaptation to survive. It enables it ...
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