What Is a Swingman Jersey?


Swingman jersey are a brand of pro basketball jerseys. They are not the authentic jersey but look very similar. On these jerseys the name and number of the player is sewn on instead of printed on the shirt.
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What is a Swingman Jersey?
A swingman jersey is a style of basketball jersey that resembles what professional basketball players wear. They are made to be visually similar to authentic jerseys but at a lower cost. The National Basketball Association (NBA) offers the option of... More »
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Identification The NBA makes three types of basketball jerseys to sell: authentic, which are identical in design and material to professional jerseys, replica, which are inexpensive
Swingman jerseys are the next best thing to authentic jerseys. The player name and number are sewn on for durability, whereas the replica is printed. Swingman jerseys usually costs
A swingman jersey is close to a replica, but not quite authentic, i...
Well, authentic jersey is basically a replica of a real NBA jersey. It feels and kind of is one. A swing man jersey is a jersey that is a cheaper version of an NBA jersey. Like it
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An NBA swingman jersey is a jersey that has holes in it and that has stitched-on numbers. This is in comparison to replica jerseys, which are made from a cheaper ...
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