What Is a Switchboard?


A switchboard is an installation for the manual control of telephone connections in an office. It can also refer to a device used to vary connections between electric circuits in other submissions. Its synonym is commutator.
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[swich-bawrd, -bohrd]
a structural unit on which are mounted switches and instruments necessary to complete telephone circuits manually.
a panel of switches, dimmers, etc., for controlling the lighting on a stage or in an auditorium.
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A switchboard is a device that is used to connect multiple telephone lines. For example when you call a company you may get a receptionist who will ask you who you need to speak with
1. Earn a high school diploma or pass the GED (Tests of General Educational Development) Also, be able to read, type and spell well to take messages and transfer calls when necessary
A switchboard is a device that is used to connect a group of teleph...
It is a facility that lets you set up menus to access things like your forms or tables or reports or queries. So it helps to make your database easier to use by creating those menus
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Users can create a switchboard in the Access application to allow them to easily locate specific forms and reports. To create a switchboard, access the switchboard ...
A database switchboard is a navigation menu that allows a user to switch to other forms in a database application. It allows one to introduce a front end of design ...
Switchboard operators are sometimes called answering service operators and are often found working in large cities. This type of career requires a person to have ...
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