What Is a Temperature Sensor?


A temperature sensor is an instrument used to gather information concerning temperature and tells you what the ambient temperature is. Unlike bimetallic strip, a temperature sensor uses a solid-state technique rather than mercury to determine the temperature.
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What Is a Temperature Sensor?
Mankind is always looking for a more specific understanding of the world. For that more specific understanding, measuring systems and methods have been created. To that end, temperature sensors are often used to measure the heat in a variety of... More »
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Temperature sensors contain material that changes it's resistance with temperature. This change is resistance is sensed by circuit & it calculate temperature.
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This is not a direct answer. The ambient temp sensor location is different from car to car based on Make Model year and engine. This sensor is located to measure the air temperature
( ′tem·prə·chər ′sen·sər ) (engineering) A device designed to respond to temperature stimulation.
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