What Is a Tenon Saw Used for?


A Tenon Saw is referred to as a backsaw. It is used for making accurate and deep cuts when making furniture. It is specifically used for many types of furniture joinery.
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what is tenon saw ? A tennon saw is a small rectangular bladed saw used for cutting wood.
1. Mark the cut line with a carpenter's square and a sharp pencil. To get the most accurate cut, clamp the wood to your workbench with C-clamps so you can hold the saw with both hands
Tenon saw, or often just backsaw — a midsized backsaw used to cut tenons or in a mitre box. The saw derives its name from its use in the cutting of tenons for mortise and tenon
It's principally used for cutting the tenon in a 'mortise and tenon' joint. It is also used to cut the dovetails in a 'dovetail' joint. Used in combination with a mitre block, it
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