What Is a Thermometer Used for?


A thermometer is device used for measuring temperature. The term thermometer is made up of two words: 'thermo' which means heat and 'meter' meaning to measure. Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist and mathematician is credited for inventing the thermometer.
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1. Set up the stand. Typically, laboratory stands are of simple construction, with a thick, heavy base (usually of metal) and a long, thin bar extending upward. Depending upon your
1. Obtain a meat thermometer if you haven't already got one. There are different types available, including ones with dials, ones with digital readers and even some that have a probe
Mercury is a liquid metal with a large coefficient of expansion. The bulb at the bottom of the tube contains a relatively large volume of mercury compared to the very narrow diameter
to check somones temperature.
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The various uses of thermometers include measuring atmospheric weather temperatures while clinical thermometers area used to measure body temperatures. Thermocouple thermometers area used to measure wire and metal temperatures and expansions.
Thermometers may contain a red liquid that is made of mineral spirits or ethanol alcohol that has been mixed with a red dye. Other thermometers contain a silver or grey liquid inside them which is mercury.
Thermometer is an instrument used for measuring and designating the temperature. The instrument normally consists of thin, hermetically sealed glass tube and containing mercury. The mercury or rises and falls according to the temperature changes.
A thermometer is an instrument that is narrow with a sealed glass tube that is used for measuring temperature. It has a temperature sensor where a physical change occurs with temperature and a numerical scale for reading measurements. A thermometer is calibrated in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
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A thermometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure temperature. This instrument is used to complete experiments, in health care and to control mechanical ...
The main parts of a thermometer include the bulb and Celsius scale or Fahrenheit scale. A thermometer is an instrument that is used for measuring and indicating ...
A laboratory thermometer is an instrument used to measure temperatures or temperature changes with a high degree of precision. Some of these thermometers have ...
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