What Is a Tiger's Chaudron?


Tiger's chaudron is a phrase from witches' speech in act i scene of the book Macbeth that refers to a tiger's temperament. It also refers to an archaic form of today's cauldron. Macbeth is a William Shakespeare book.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Tiger's Chaudron"
The word "chaudron" means guts, intestines.
A Siberian Tiger is a tiger that is native to parts of China and Russia. They generally live in colder climates and have lighter colored and thicker fur.
( ′kint shō′drön prä·səs ) (mining engineering) A technique used to sink a large-diameter deep shaft; a pilot shaft of smaller diameter is first
'Chaudron' is the French word meaning 'cauldron'. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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