What Is a Tiger's Chaudron?


Tiger's chaudron is a phrase from witches' speech in act i scene of the book Macbeth that refers to a tiger's temperament. It also refers to an archaic form of today's cauldron. Macbeth is a William Shakespeare book.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Tiger's Chaudron"
The word "chaudron" means guts, intestines.
( ′kint shō′drön prä·səs ) (mining engineering) A technique used to sink a large-diameter deep shaft; a pilot shaft of smaller diameter is first
Most male tiger salamanders grow up to 8 inches from the nose to the tip of the tail, but some species can reach up to 12 inches. Females are usually an inch shorter than the males.
'Chaudron' is the French word meaning 'cauldron'. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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