What is a tomato truss?


Tomato truss grows from the main stem and is the fruit bearing and flowering part of the tomato plant. A single tomato plant can produce several trusses. The tomato is native to South America and is botanically a fruit but it is considered a vegetable.
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The truss stem grows from the tomato plant's main stem. You can differentiate them from nonfruiting side stems because they have no leaves and the truss ends in an array of thin stalks
An open-frame N-truss without diagonal members, with rigid joints between the top and bottom chords and the verticals. Known also as open-frame truss or vierendeel truss.
It's a late nineteenth century Bascule - twin leaf at that. It is a sort of prefabricated Suspension bridge with the bascule machinery in the towers for the two folding leaves. This
A calcium deficiency at the blossoming point results in dry rot on tomatoes, also known as "blossom end rot, according to North Dakota State University Extension. Causes of dry
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What Are Tomato Trusses?
A tomato truss is a branch of delicate yellow flowers that grow on the stem of a tomato plant. The truss grows separately from the leaves and is destined to become fruit. From the day it begins to form on the young tomato plant, the truss is under fire.... More »
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