What Is a Tomboy?


A tomboy is a girl who shows behaviours that are normally associated with the boys. These characteristics may include wearing masculine oriented clothes and engaging in activities that are of physical nature. A tomboy also spends most of her time with the boys.
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1. Make friends with guys. Tomboys often hang out with guys more than girls simply because they get along better with them because they often like the same things and participate
1. Discuss the decorating plan with your tomboy. When your daughter was a baby, she couldn't protest when you dressed her in ruffles and bows. As she's grown, you've seen her develop
A girl who acts like a guy or enjoys doing male things. Another Opinion. A tomboy is a young girl, normally pre-teen and/or early teens, that likes to play like a boy, does not act
Its use as a rude or boisterous boy is attested to the 1550s; as a bold or immodest woman to the 1570s; and as a girl who acts liked a spirited boy to the 1590s. Tom was used as a
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an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, especially in games and sports, are considered more typical of boys than of girls.
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There are several different versions of where the term tomboy may have come from. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Etymology it was in relation to the terms ...
Some girls become tomboys for fear of feeling inferior. A lot of people think of men when they think of adjectives like brave, strong, and fearless. Some girls ...
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