What Is a Trammel and Where Would It Be Used?


A trammel or trammel point is the socket or cursor that, together with the beam makes up a beam compass. Their moderately small size makes them easy to store or transport. It is used to scribe a circle, the radius can be tuned by sliding the metal across the wood beam and locking it by turning a knob at the desired location.
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Here's an example of trammel in a sentence: "students and parents who want
It can be done with a string and 2 pins, but not as accurate as the trammels. See method here: http://www.mathopenref.com/constellipse1….
Okay, Let me see if I can convey this. Trammel is a term given to measuring tools "which are mounted upon a ridgid,and straight piece of stock. This piece of stock is usually
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Trammel is an instrument that is used or employed to scribe a circle. The Adjustable trammels are normally used to scribe arcs and circles that are too great for conventional compasses and dividers.
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