What Is a Transom on a Boat?


On a boat, a transom is the surface forming the stern of a vessel. Smaller boats have their outboard motors mounted on the transom and secured using bolts or clamps. The transom can take a variety of shapes, usually vertical or curved.
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Function On small boats with an outboard motor, the transom is the wall where the outboard motor is mounted. On larger vessels, the transom often houses parts of the steering system
a flat termination to a stern, above the water line.
It the back of the boat where the engine is. You may want to call around and get an idea what this will cost to fix. You pay too much and then fix you may have done better buying
Boats can be made out of a few different things. Long ago they were always made of wood, but they are now more commonly made with fiberglass. A wooden boat is now more of a classic.
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What Is a Transom on a Boat?
Boats are typically complex machines, with numerous parts that need to be carefully created and designed in order for the whole thing to function correctly. One of the often overlooked parts of a boat is the transom. This rear area of the boat is more... More »
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A boat's transom is the structural wall of the stern. It is the architectural term given to the lateral beam or lintel which is framed across a window, dividing it into heights or stages. It often houses parts of the steering system on large vessels.
The term Boat Transom is used to refer to any of several transverse timbers or beams secured to the sternpost of a boat. It can also be understood as the stern of a square-sterned boat when it is a structural member.
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An outboard drive or a sterndrive as also known as is a form of marine propulsion. The engine is placed inboard just forward of the transom (stern) and it provides ...
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