What Is a Trapper in a Coal Mine?


Trappers were young boys working down Yorkshire coal mine in the1800s.They were supposed to sit underground so as to open and shut trap doors which went across a mine. Hence allowing coal trucks through
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There are many dangers. One is asphyxiation. If tunnels are blocked, you might simply run out of air. Another is Firedamp, (a name for methane gas) which can also asphyxiate but adds
Young children called trappers would sit underground opening and shutting trap
Worker safety issues. Poor enviromental controls. Low pay and long hours. Here are several articles/citations about issues with China’s coal mines: At Least 11 Dead In Mine
Technology is readily available to recover methane (CH4) – the major component of natural gas – from coal mines. Specific coal mine methane (CMM) end-uses depend on the
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