What Is a Travel Agency?


A travel agency is a type of business that concerns itself with details of transportation, itinerary, and accommodations for travellers. It is also concerned with selling of the travel related products and services to customers on behalf of suppliers.
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Whether your goal is to start your own agency or work as an independent associate of a national travel agency, you should get the best education you can afford. A bachelor's degree
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Sea Breeze Travels.
Consolidated Travel PTY Ltd. in Australia.
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travel agency
a business that accommodates travelers, as by securing tickets, arranging for reservations, and giving information.
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A travel agency is a business that offers travel related services and products to clients on behalf of suppliers like airlines, cruise lines, car rentals, hotels, sightseeing tours, railways and package holidays with several products. A travel agency arranges the various modes of transportation and gets you special fares, does early discounted bookings, gets you best hotel deals and travel advisories thus saving you time and money.
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