Tray Ceiling?


A tray ceiling is a ceiling with a raised centre while the rest of the ceiling is flat and give a room an illusion of height. The costs depend on the size of the job and are easier to install in one storey homes or on the second floor as ceiling work is difficult when there is a floor above it.
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What Is a Tray Ceiling?
Tray ceilings have become more common as features in upscale and larger homes. This type of ceiling has two or more levels. The center level is a flat ceiling that is 1 to 2 feet higher than the periphery ceiling. Often the short wall between the... More »
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A tray ceiling is an architectural feature that is either recessed or inverted. They can be ordinate, dramatic or subtle. The main aim of is to create a height difference hence bring about a variation from the normal flat ceiling and in the process create an architectural interest.
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To build a recessed, tray ceiling, choose a crown molding style, first. Decide the depth you want to create, miter all of the joints, then install the crown molding.
1. Decide the size of the tray. Consider if there are other tray ceilings in the home. You may want this new tray to match their dimensions. If this is the only tray, some basic considerations
To frame a tray ceiling, you will need a tape meausre, a saw, a hammer, some nails, a chalk line, some 2' x 4' boards and some 1/2' OSB. For more information look here: Directions
1 Attach drywall to the entire ceiling. Cut drywall to size with a sharp utility knife and a straightedge. Smoothen the edges of the drywall with coarse sandpaper and a sanding block
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Tray ceilings are an architectural feature that can be recessed or inverted. If you think of a tray turned upside down you can get an idea of the look of a tray ...
A tray ceiling design is put into place to give the illusion that a ceiling is much taller than what it actually is. A tray ceiling can be easily constructed by ...
1. Hang a textured wallpaper in the recessed area of the tray ceiling. For light color wall coverings, paint the interior edges a dark color for contrast. With ...
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