What is a TTL signal?


A TTL signal is a Transistor-Transistor Logic compatible signal. The TTL standard or signal is single-ended, meaning that each signal is comprised of a voltage on one wire. Standard TTL circuits function at a power supply of 5 volts.
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TTL stands for transistor-transistor logic when you are talking about types of digital logic gate circuits. It can also stand for time to live when you are speaking about computer
TTL metering allows you to measure your exposure settings without using an external light meter. This is particularly useful if the subject is not within reach or covers a very wide
Answer "TTL" stands for "Transistor to Transistor Logic". It's a very low current level communication protocol, typically used for very short distances. It also
TTL can mean "transistor to transistor logic" or "thank the Lord." Thanks for using ChaCha!
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