Meaning of Turndown Service?


Turndown service is the service whereby a hotel maid or hotel boy turns down the sometimes heavy bedspread for the night, thus preparing bed for the night, sometimes folding back a little bit the duvet and leaving some chocolates or some mints. It is when the hotel staff comes into room in the evening to draw the curtains, tidy up the room, etc.?
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In addition to the services mentioned by Faisal Khan, it often also includes the placing of a linen mat on the floor next to the bed, and the placement of a pair of hotel slippers
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Turndown service is a service offered in a hotel or a guest house. This service involves cleaning and refreshing the clients' beddings, thus preparing the bed for the night. It is usually done by a hotel boy or hotel maid and they do it when the occupant is not in the room.
Turn-down service is when the hotel staff comes into the room in the evening to turn down the bedcovers. The usual activity is to turn down a corner of the blankets to make the bed look attractive and that much more restful.
Turndown Service is defined as a Hotel service in which a room is cleaned and refreshed and the bed linen is also turned down for sleeping when the guest of the room is away.
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