Two Dimensional Shapes?


A two dimensional shape is a planar with height and width, but lacking in depth. Triangle, square, polygons and pentagons are good examples of two dimensional shapes since they show length and width, or base and height.
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A shape is comprised of line segments. A line segment is finite and is a straight line connecting two points. These line segments are joined together to enclose an area. To be a shape
2 dimensional shape had to do with one going up or down and going right or left no forward or backward. So it can be a photo or a sketch of ball bouncing from right to left.
Regular 2-D Shapes - Polygons. Triangle - 3 Sides, Square - 4 Sides, Pentagon - 5 Sid.
A 2-dimensional shape is any flat shape--anything that's printed or drawn. A "regular" 2-dimensional shape would be geometric, with predictable sides and angles. Squares
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What Is a Two-Dimensional Shape?
Geometry is the mathematical study of size, shapes and planes. Part of geometry is the different dimensions as they are represented by axises. A two-dimensional figure is drawn on the x- and y-axises, and a three-dimensional figure is drawn on the x-,... More »
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A two dimensional shape shows only the width and the height of an object, like a square or polygon. Three dimensional shapes also show the width.
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A two dimensional shape is a shape that has only two dimensions; these dimensions are usually length and width or width and height.There is no thickness to a two ...
The term "2D shapes" refers to two-dimensional shapes. These are shapes that have area, but they do not have any particular measurable thickness associated ...
A two dimensional object is a shape that only has two dimensions (width and height). Squares, circles, triangles are all two dimensional objects. A two dimensional ...
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