What is a Valet Key?


A valet key is a key that only allows a valet (parking attendant) to enter and start a car. The key does not open a trunk or glove compartment.
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The valet key "work(s) only in the ignition and the door locks" according to a web-based service training guide published by Honda of Canada. The vehicle can be driven with
The valet key operates the ignition switch and the drivers door lock. It is cut so as to block any access to your glove compartment or the trunk. Made speciifically for giving to
A skeleton key is also called a pass key. It is a key with a big part of the bit filed away so that it can open various doors. It is also a term used to refer to a key that can actually
I'll generally tip $1 - 3 when I valet my car in Dallas. On the lower end if there is a valet charge. From watching other people at valet stands, this seems pretty standard in our
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What Is a Valet Car Key?
With limited use options, the valet key is an accessory offered by some car makers on various models. It provides some functionality while making storage security available to the vehicle owner because it won't open all locks.... More »
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A valet key is a spare key that comes with certain car models that allows the ignition to be started and the driver door to be opened, but does not open the trunk or the glove box. This key can be used for valet parking (which is how it got it's name), so that your automobile can be parked, locked, and unlocked by someone else, but valuables or personal property stored in the trunk or glove box can not be stolen or accessed.
A valet key for a vehicle is a key which will start the ignition and open the doors, but not allow access to the glove box or the trunk of the car. This way you can lock up any valuables when having your car parked by a valet.
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A valet remote start used to remotely start your car with just a simple push of a button without using an ignition key. The electronic valet remote start costs ...
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