What Is a Venturi Meter?


A Venturi metre is a tool used to measure the flow through a pipeline. The venturi metre consists of two conical pipes that are connected to limit the energy losses. Pressure taps are located upstream and downstream of the venturi metre, immediately outside the variable diameter areas, to measure the losses produced through the metre due to flow separation.
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1. Thread the PVC reducer into the end of one of the PVC tees. Add the 1/2-inch PVC pipe to the end of the reducer. Thread the second reducer to the other end of the PVC pipe. 2.
what is the Accuracy and limitations of the Venturi meter.
( ven′tu̇r·ē ′mēd·ər ) (engineering) An instrument for efficiently measuring fluid flow rate in a piping system; a nozzle section increases
vent-choo-ree, like adventure, or ad-venturee.
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As the coolant approaches the contracted portion (throat) of the venturi flow- meter, the velocity of the coolant must increase as it flows through the contracted ...
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