What is a Venturi meter?


A Venturi meter is a flow measurement device, commonly utilized in the water supply industry. A Venturi meter specifically uses a converging section of pipe to increase flow velocity. A corresponding reduction in pressure permits a determination of the flow rate.

The Venturi meter is based on the Venturi effect. The Venturi effect signifies a decrease in pressure caused by an increase in velocity that results from the narrowing of a tube through which a liquid flows. The Venturi effect only applies to the flow of liquids. The Venturi effect is named after an Italian physicist named Giovanni Battista Venturi who lived from 1746 until 1822.

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Venturi meters are used in pipe lines to measure the flow rate of a fluid through the pipe.
1)venturimeter and orifice are very cheap as compared to rotameter. 2) they often don't need any calibration or maintainance once they are installed. 3) Any orifice or venturimeter
A meter in music is when you take the units of equal time, that being a measure. A meter is normally indicated using the number of beats with the denominator indicating the note value
( ven′tu̇r·ē ′flüm ) (engineering) An open flume with a constricted flow which causes a drop in the hydraulic grade line; used in flow measurement.
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Another term for the venturi meter is the venturi flowmeter. This is usually used for the calculation of a fluid's velocity as it goes through a pipeline. This ...
As the coolant approaches the contracted portion (throat) of the venturi flow- meter, the velocity of the coolant must increase as it flows through the contracted ...
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