What Is a Victrola Worth?


Victrolas are worth a lot of money if you are willing to sell them. Its worth will be dependent on several factors such as the model of your Victrolas and its conditions. VV-XIs that are still in mint conditions can be sold at around $100-$150.
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A VictrolaÕs value is based on the condition and rarity of it and most importantly, which Victrola is being valued. Victrola made phonographs with cranks or electric motors. A Victrola X is valued up to $700.00. For more information please visit .
A Victrola can be worth a wide range of money, depending on the model, and it's condition. You should find an antiques dealer who specializes in antique music to see what it is worth.
It depends on the age and the condition of it. It could potentailly be worth quite a bit. It is best to let an antique dealer see it however to get a correct value.
A victrola can be worth a ton of money or very little money. That all being said your best bet is to take to a local antique expert and have it appraised.
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