What is a volt ampere?


A volt ampere is a measure of power usage commonly used for electrical equipment. Power usage of a device is calculated by multiplying the voltage by the current.
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What Is a Volt Ampere?
A volt ampere is the unit for apparent power. The apparent power is what is actually used by a partly reactive load. This is distinct from true power, which is the power that is applied to the load and is what is measured on residential electricity... More »
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A volt ampere is the measurement of direct current. One volt ampere is equal to one watt. Volt ampere can also measure alternating current but is not exact.
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Power in a direct current circuit is given by the product of the voltage and the current as follows P=V*I Watts. In a direct current circuit, the current always flows in one direction
let me answer you in layman terms. you can say 1000VA means 1000watt (like in DC circuit) All electrical devices are made of various components. Two very important components which
( ′vōlt ′am′pir ) (electricity) The unit of apparent power in the International System; it is equal to the apparent power in a circuit when the product of the
Volt-ampere (noun) is a unit of electric power equal to the product of one volt and one
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A volt ampere is the term used in electricity to measure power. Calculating volt amperes allows you to find out how much electricity is surging through the connections ...
volt ampere reactive is the unit of reactive power.It is the power which does no useful work but is required to assist in performing work,such as setting up magnetic ...
The difference between volt and ampere is that volt is the SI derived unit for electric potential, electric potential difference, and electromotive force, while ...
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