What is a waxing moon?


A waxing moon is a term that is used to refer to a phase of the moon particularly when is getting larger in the sky, moving from the New Moon headed for the Full Moon.
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Waxing is the opposite of waning, and it means when the moon cycle is becoming
A waxing Moon can be seen when the Moon is larger in the sky, and is moving from the new Moon phase, and into the full Moon phase. A waning Moon is seen when the Moon is visibly smaller
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waxing moon
the moon at any time after new moon and before full moon, so called because its illuminated area is increasing.
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A waxing moon is when the moon is at the brightest it can be in between a quarter moon phase and a full moon phase. This is when the sun is on the moon the most.
Have you ever looked in the sky and wandered if the moon you where looking at is a waxing moon. Well you can know if it is if the moon looks like the letter D. That's right, the moon will be smooth and round on the right side and jagged and straight on the the left.
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