What is a wind vane?


A wind vane is a tool used for determining the direction of the wind. Wind vanes come in different designs, but all follow the same aerodynamic design rules. They are usually placed on high locations to avoid interference in order to get accurate wind direction.

The key part on a wind vane is the pointer. It is tapered at one end to catch light winds and to provide balance. The larger part of the pointer acts as a scoop to trap the blowing wind. The weight of the device must be distributed evenly in order to function well. A wind vane is used in airports to give direction and in sailing to keep the boat on course.

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A wind vane is a mechanical device used to indicate the direction in which the wind is blowing. To be most effective, the weather vane is usually placed high in the sky, atop the
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( ′win ′vān ) (engineering) An instrument used to indicate wind direction, consisting basically of an asymmetrically shaped object mounted at its center of gravity
Wind Vane The weather instrument called a weather vane or wind vane, measures the direction that the wind is blowing. The weather vane works by pointing in the direction that the
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wind vane
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