What Is a Wind Vane?


A wind wane is a tool for showing the course of the wind. A wind wane is characteristically used as an architectural enhancement to the highest point of a building. The tool is made of light but durable material.
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A wind vane is a mechanical device used to indicate the direction in which the wind is blowing. To be most effective, the weather vane is usually placed high in the sky, atop the
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In America, the first recorded weather vane maker, Shem Drowne of Boston, began hammering out silhouettes in the early 1700s. Soon, weather vanes were popping up all over the Colonies
( ′win ′vān ) (engineering) An instrument used to indicate wind direction, consisting basically of an asymmetrically shaped object mounted at its center of gravity
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wind vane
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A wind vane is a weather instrument used to determine the direction the wind is blowing. The wind vane spins round and round freely on a vertical rod and points ...
The vane part of the wind unit is actually mobile. When it was positioned on a roof or structure it was done so that the north decoration is actually facing north ...
The wind direction is the direction that the wind originates from. You can use lots of things to determine wind direction, like a wind sock, a weather vane and ...
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