What Is a Wireless USB Adapter Used for?


A wireless USB adapter is a network adapter that normally plugs into a computer system through the USB port. It is a kind of device that is used to put in wireless connectivity to a computer or PDA. There are three main varieties of wireless adapters: cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
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A USB wireless adapter is a short-range, high speed wireless device used to access a network through the USB port of a computer. The wireless adapter is based on the 802.11g standard and provides a data speed of up to 54 mbps.
A wireless adapter is fitted into the computers to connect the wireless router with the computers so that the users can wirelessly surf the internet or transfer data to and fro from any other connected computer .
A wireless USB adapter is used for plugging into the computer via a universal serial bus port. It is small in size, normally the size of a USB flash disk. A wireless USB adapter uses radio frequency rather than cables, to connect the computer to the intended peripherals for example, a printer.
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