What Is a Word Equation?


A word equation is an equation where only the words of the products and reactants are given. It is used to describe chemical reactions using words. The reactants are the chemicals/substances with which one begins the reaction with. The products are the substances formed as a result of the reaction.
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What Is a Word Equation?
In solving a word equation, it's important to remember that setting up the equation is usually the most difficult aspect. Solve word equations, or word problems, by avoiding tackling the problem as a whole with help from a math teacher in this free video... More »
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The most important thing to remember when you work out word equations is setting up the equation. If you set up the equation wrongly, then you will end up with ...
The word equation for aerobic respiration is glucose plus (+) oxygen is equal (=) to energy plus (+) water plus (+) carbon dioxide. Aerobic respiration is a type ...
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