What Is a Wow Words?


This is a printable word mat featuring lots of adjectives and accompanying pictures to help encourage children to use imaginative and creative words when writing. For example: Astounding, exhilarating, astonishing, breathtaking, confounding, eye-popping, mind-blowing etc. these words are used to make sentences more interesting.
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Zowie! Holy Moley! Amazing! Stupendous! Incroyable! Anything you can put an exclamation point after and which expresses surprise and amazement.
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Wow originates back from 1513 as a Scottish interjection, a natural expression
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Okay, wow words are any descriptive or a doing words. They are generally interesting words that make someone or something feel or look great. Wow words can also be elastic terms which make the little darlings traumatized. Kids at times call these words ambitious words.
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Anathema is easy to use in a sentence. Wow, I just used anathema in a sentence. My baby brother has a strong feeling of anathema about eating his vegetables. ...
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