What Is a Yearbook?


A yearbook is an annual publication that highlights and commemorates events that took place in a school. A year book can contain photographs of students from a certain class, with some signed messages dedicated to various memories.
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Yearbook photos create nostalgia. Whether you look back at your yearbooks with fond nostalgia or sheer embarrassment, that yearbook preserves your past. It is this book compiling
A book generally for kids-teens grade 1-12 of every students picture in that school. You can also sign your signatures inside the yearbook. Lately, it also is the term many publications
A yearbook is a documentary, memorial, or historical book published every year, containing
(yîr'bʊk') n. A documentary, memorial, or historical book published every year, containing information about the previous year. A usually bound publication compiled by
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a book published annually, containing information, statistics, etc., about the past year: an encyclopedia yearbook.
a book published by the graduating class of a high school or college, containing photographs of class members and commemorating school activities.
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