What Is a Young Butterfly Called?


Butterflies grow through many stages from the egg, caterpillar and pupa to the adult butterfly. The caterpillar stage is also referred to as the larva stage, while the pupa is also called chrysalis. The chrysalis marks the last stage of transition into a butterfly.
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Caterpillar, there's really no young butterflies. Since they've already gone through the young stage of their life as a Caterpillar.
Male Mission Blue butterflies have wings that are entirely blue in color with a small amount of black trim around the wing. The underside of the wings are white with black spots.
Generally, calves. A single "young cattle" is called a calf. More specifically, they can also be called bull calves if they are intact young male bovines, steer calves if
A Cockerel.
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A baby Butterfly is called a larva, caterpillar, chrysalis or pupa.
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