What Is Abiotic Factor?


Abiotic components are the non living parts of nature. Geological and chemical factors such as rainfall in the environment are called abiotic factors.
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Grasslands occur in both high-temperature areas near the Equator and mid-to-low-temperature areas nearing subarctic regions. Grasslands are not, however, found in the Arctic regions
go to p.s200 and you will find out.
What are abiotic factors in a forest ecosystem? sunlight because without sunlight , the forest plants would die. Rain/Water because without water what are the fishes suppose to live
abiotic is non living and botic is living things Abiotic factors are essentially non-living components that effect the living organisms of the freshwater community. When an ecosystem
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What Is an Abiotic Factor?
Nonliving aspects of an ecosystem that impact the species who live there are called abiotic factors. Temperature, sunlight, water, salinity and soil are all prominent examples. While not actually biological in nature, abiotic factors are highly relevant... More »
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