What Is Abiotic Factor?


Abiotic components are the non living parts of nature. Geological and chemical factors such as rainfall in the environment are called abiotic factors.
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The abiotic factors of such an ecosystem includes soil (sand) sunlight, temperature, air and water. The winds, scarcity of water, high temperature, heat and land covered with sand
An abiotic factor of an ecosystem is a non-living object that affects its surroundings in some sort of way. Abiotic factors of a shoreline would be: sand, air, water, rocks, sun,
rocks water air
air water rocks sand sun.
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What Is an Abiotic Factor?
Nonliving aspects of an ecosystem that impact the species who live there are called abiotic factors. Temperature, sunlight, water, salinity and soil are all prominent examples. While not actually biological in nature, abiotic factors are highly relevant... More »
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