What Is Absolute Age?


Absolute age is how the age of rocks and fossils is determined. It is determined by a number a of factors including carbon dating and tells us how long ago they formed.
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Absolute age is the age of a rock as determined by the measurement of radioactive decay from the time of the rock's formation.
Using the results of detailed stratigraphic, paleontological and correlation studies, geologists have developed a geologic column. This provides era, periods and the relative and
( ′ab·sə′lüt ′āj ) (geology) The geologic age of a fossil, or a geologic event or structure expressed in units of time, usually years. Also
\ Absolute age is the measurement of age in years. The determination of the
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Absolute age is the geologic age of a fossil or geologic even or structure expressed in unites of time, usually years. It is the age of a rock as determined by measurement of decay.
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