What is the difference between absolute and relative poverty?


Absolute poverty is the complete lack of resources to sustain life, while relative poverty refers to the inadequate lack of income when compared to the average standards living. As such, relative poverty implies that the individual has the ability to sustain his or her basic needs, but may lack the resources to engage in various social activities.
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absolute poverty is unable to live in conditions and they will starve to death and have no homes relative poverty is were they may have homes and cloths etc but not alot and living
Another thing to consider is the scope of the folks to whom you refer. If you are just talking about folks in the UK, the comment about being impoverished compared to David Beckham
Relative poverty deals with the socio-economic status of an area. For example where I live, someone earning $15k a year is living in poverty. But that person can probably live comforatably
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